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The XUI screenshot gallery shows some typical XUI applications in action. XUI can be used to create a wide variety of applications from handheld devices to power user desktops. The screenshots show a selection of applications built by Xoetrope. Some of these applications are available from download, including full source code. Don't forget to check out the videos section for more details.


Why not see XUI in action, try the video gallery to see the sample XUI applications running through their paces.


So you want to try it out yourself, see the demo application in practice and judge the performance, usability and visual impact for yourself.


See the Carousel User Guide (or in PDF form) for XUI documentation. Other documentation is available including API Reference documentation, wiki, tutorials, videos and screenshots. Of course there are also a range of training and supports services available directly from Xoetrope and from the developer community via SourceForge.


The Introduction Tutorial takes you through the steps involved in creating a mortgage application using the XUI framework. The tutorial start with a basic single person application and extend it to allow multiple applicants illustrating in the process how to make use of XUL page definitions, framesets, styles, validations, page navigation and data binding.

The tutorial does not make use of the Kalideoscope plugin for XUI, but is intended to show how XUI applications can be built from scratch using the core libraries and an IDE of choice. Kalideoscope is covered in other tutorials.


LATEST: Creating surveys with the Survey Editor

The Survey Editor included in Carousel allows to create surveys' data files which later can be used in survey applications. It provides a graphical editor for creating and editing questions, answers, survey rules, etc.

NEW: Building a sample survey application.

This description shows how to build simple survey application and highlights some of the common features of the survey support that may be useful. The example makes use of the templates system and the default rules engine included in Carousel.

NEW: Surveys Introduction

Carousel includes a specialized library for generation and management of survey applications. The following description gives a general overview of how the survey definition looks like.

Knowledge Base

XUI's knowledge base contains information about a variety of technical issues, howto articles and answers to technical questions. The knowledge base is categorized to help you quickly find the information you need.

Who's using XUI

Lots of people and companies are using XUI, from banks in Japan to industrial conglomerates in the Americas, from small outsourcing shops in India to Fortune 500 companies in the US. Around the globe XUI is being used in open source and commercial applications alike. In the NEW Who's Using XUI section we list a few of those users who have graciously provided screenshots of their applications.

Download and Evaluation

XUI can be downloaded for free. The XUI framework includes almost all you will need to build feature rich RIAs. XuiPro extends XUI with lots of additional components and labour saving tools. XuiPro can also be downloaded and evaluated for free, but requires a license for commercial redistribution and use. Visit the download pages for download links.


Visit the news Archive for some of the interviews and stories about XUI in the trade press.


Check out the Goodies section for some useful tips, application fragments and classes. The tidbits of information presented here can be used directly in your applications and are mostly designed to save you time and to help you add nice features to your application.