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RS3 is the latest in compressor selection from Danfoss A/S, the world number one in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls. RS3 makes the selection of refrigeration compressor and condensing units quick and easy. RS3 also provides detailed technical information about all the products and their performance in an easy to use and intuitive environment. RS3 is a Java Web Start application built using the XUI framework.


The initial screen provides some of the basic configuration options, including language selection and a choice of dimensional units.

Worldwide support

RS3 is distributed around the world for use a vast array of markets. The initial screens not only allow choice of units and languages but also regional preferences, for example brands and electrical characteristics. Alternatively a free text search can be used to find a particular code number, model or brand - great if you are just looking for product details or replacement parts.

Product selection

Selection is easy, just choose the operating condtions and the desired performance and click on search, and almost instantaneously the performance of thousands of machines are checked. If you don't know the exact operating conditions you can search based on just the main electrical supply, but of course you won't get full details of the operating performance, what could be easier? The results are ranked, with a visual indication, according to suitability and the machine offering the performance closest to the requested capacity is highlighted.

Product details

Detailed information about the all the machines is available, and all this information is dynamically calculated for the exact operating conditions you specified. Data can be viewed as tables or charts and operating envelopes, and as all the graphics are vector based you can always zoom in for details with the click of a mouse.

Diagrams and Drawings

Lots of information is included, right down to electrical wiring diagrams and dimensional drawings. Again, these drawings are vector based so you can zoom-in in high quality and precision.

Export product details

Once the right machine has been found the details can be exported or printed out, for inclusion in reports or analysis.


The paperless office isn't yet a reality so detailed reports can be generated. Click on the image to see a sample report.

Now try it out

You've seen the pictures and heard the story, so why not take it through its paces.

Note that the initial release of RS3 includes lots of drawings and the basic download size of over 40MB. RS3 is also a Windows ONLY application as it relies on some DLLs for material properties. So, if that's not for you, why not see a video of a sample selection?

click here to launch a video of the application in action | full size

How it works:

Running fast: RS3 employs Java for high performance, and performance is crucial given the complexity of the performance and material properties calculations that are needed to accurately select a compressor. Advanced caching means the data is at hand whenever needed, so there are no delays waiting for a server to respond.

Dimensioning: All the data bindings in RS3 are aware of the unit set (Metric or US-Imperial) chosen by the user and implicitly convert the internal SI units of the calculations and database to the display units chosen by the user.

Localization: The XUI framework includes localization support throughout and all that is needed to localize RS3 is a set of language files. RS3 is distributed worldwide and includes western, asian and far eastern languages.

Web updates: As a Java Web Started application RS3 enjoys the ability to update automatically, synchronizing and automatically updating whenever new updates are posted to the Danfoss server.

Running off-line: Despite being a web application RS3 includes the ability to run off-line or standalone, crucial for field workers and service technicans who may not always have high speed internet access.